We can put all our things into a shed next to the camp ground where we’ll stay in a cabin for the next month.

Big mess in the cabin – and it gets bigger all the time because my boss /or Madame needs to buy all the necessary things for the house.

Anyway it’s a very intensive time once more as we have to buy everything from furniture to pressing iron, from pots and pans to rubbish bins, gardening tools to bed sheets, organizing Wifi and credit card machine, house insurance and settlement of the property as well as ordering business cards and road signs for marketing along the road.

And THIS is what we are looking forward to:

On the camp ground there are three neighbours who are living here permanently: a retired Englishman who spends his time riding his Harley, a non-employed Maori– of course tattooed all over – and an ill baker from the Catlins. From him my boss gets a few Kiwi recipes such as for pies, Pavlova and scones. Although I don’t quite understand why New Zealanders (and the English) like it that much – it doesn’t taste like anything…!

As a service in return we let him use our “Swiss Cocain 🙂 ”, also known as Aromat.

Stephen Fleming discovers Marlborough Sound