Maybe this saying sounds a bit corny sometimes, but in my boss’ new life it was pretty accurate!

I still remember when, three years ago, I (Stephen Fleming) and my boss travelled on our own through this beautiful country in the South Pacific. My boss said to me even then: “I would like to live here and open a B&B!” Back in Switzerland, my boss went to a women’s management course where she learned to put her dreams into words, what she wanted in life and how to accomplish it. Just recently a good friend from the course reminded her that she was living her dream now.

There is so much to discover and learn every day. The container for biodegradable has to stand at the exact right place and mustn’t be too heavy otherwise it won’t get emptied. Another thing is that cardboard, plastic, paper, metal all gets put into the same container and will be sorted by hand.  The car insurance AA can be purchased at a normal shop. If I want to I can apply for a New Zealand driver’s license right there as well as long as I can produce a doctor’s, gas or electricity bill. In the queue behind me was a guy who passed the theoretical car exam within five minutes…

All the furniture and household appliances can be leased, which is standard procedure. And most people own their houses. Driving into town several times a day to get something that was forgotten is part of everyday life. One doesn’t text or call before visiting friends or family. One just pops in at any time and just tries again later if they weren’t home the first time. It seems like a lot of unproductive, squandered time. Nothing is organized, a lot of waiting is normal. Talking about “slowing down”…

New Zealanders either walk around in wellies or flip flops; and they wear shorts – always, be it summer or winter, no matter if it’s cold or hot outside.

In addition to the mattress there is a sheepskin and a foam rubber mattress plus an electrical heating blanket. This is needed as walls are thin and windows hardly insulated. The doors and windows are open all the time anyway, so it doesn’t make a big difference. Temperatures are almost the same in the house and outside.

My boss thinks that Kiwis seem to be a bit of a mix between the Americans and Aussies. The relaxed lifestyle is similar to that of the Aussies, they eat in front of the TV, which is on all the time anyway. Everybody helps himself to what he wants when and what he wants – like the Americans. Instead of spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, people rather get take outs, for example Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese. My boss loves the local fish and chips.

Before we left the North Island, we visited the famous Weta Studios in Wellington.(where Peter Jackson’s filmed parts of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit)

And now:

Let's go to set up a new live!