… the first three mental stages in the emigration process of my boss, as I see it from a certain distance. The closer the date of departure came, the more she asked herself why she’s doing this to herself and to her family! I remember when she handed in the forms for the visa for NZ for the fourth time. She really was wondering if everything would work out. Looking back, the whole bureaucracy, including visa application and moving there was nothing in comparison to the psychological stress of emigrating.

Instead of joy there was sadness! For weeks it meant letting go, saying good-bye – horses, cats, job, house, garden; so many habits that had given a certain sense of security, not mentioning the friends and family. What my boss learnt out of it all: human beings can bear more than we think.

All done! Countless forms for OASI, retirement funds filled in, bank business all attended to, tax form 2015 handed in and taxes paid.

Registered on SwissCommunity.org for Swiss expatriates, after all I still want to vote.

At least 20 large boxes are packed and sent off (still cheaper and renting a container). The house is cleared and cleaned, the horse “sold” and the cats found a new place. My God, how I miss them, they’ve been part of the family for years! Unfortunately my best friend “Black Bastard” took off and my boss and the Kiwi are very sad.

My last visit at zip films. Without these professional, competent and efficient guys there would have been no marketing and no homepage for Kiwiss B&B …

My boss even sent me in a box. I, Stephen Fleming, will report back from the other side of the world in a few weeks. Till then:

Hebets guet and take care!