Four weeks ago we arrived on the South Island.

Most probably these were the most stressful weeks in the lives of my boss and the Kiwi. We looked at sooo many houses!!! Small (!) farms with 10‘000 m2 with sheep, beehives, horse paddocks, olive trees; already existing B&Bs with up to 10 bedrooms; townhouses and even a house that looked like a small castle, even with a lift. We dealt with about 7 real estate agencies and in the end we hardly knew where our head was, who had shown us what and where…

The good thing was, though, that my boss and the Kiwi grew more and more certain about what they wanted in “their” house. That despite the tension and stress with the banks, lawyers, real estate agents and the fact that they felt like divorcing at least three times or returning back to Switzerland. But my boss never gave up and she believed it was worth fighting for that dream of hers and seeing it become reality.

Some of the vegetable has to be covered with nets because of the possums. The Kiwi said that every few months one of his friends would have to come with a shotgun and that would take care of the nuisance for a while…

Back to house hunting and fighting through the jungle of it all. In the end we decided to buy a house which we had seen back in Switzerland while we were researching the possibilities  online and it had been our favourite from the start. It fits our requirements to the dot and is in a fantastic location – directly on one of the most spectacular coastal drives of the world, the Queen Charlotte Drive! This winding road can be driven in the second gear only and not faster than 35 km/h. The garden is huge with all kinds of fruit: Avocados, pears, a variety of apple and peachtrees, kiwis, cherries, blueberries, mandarin/tangerines, lemons, oranges, pumpkins, tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, asparagus, cucumber and more.

Every room and the large terrace offer a fantastic view to Marlborough Sound.  The bay is famous for its grampus and with some luck the dolphins can be seen leaping and diving.

There is a beautiful little path made of shell gravel which leads through the whole garden – our private little jungle.

784 Queen Charlotte Drive Picton 7281