Actually I’m a penguin with an All Black Rugbyjersey. My boss found me in a souvenir shop at the Moeraki Boulders. For a long time she thought I was a Kiwi….

The Moeraki Boulders are unusual big round boulders on the coast at Otago, on the Southisland of New Zealand.

My boss is Swiss and while she was on a study trip in New Zealand, her motorhome had a breakdown and she needed a little “comforter”. Since then she says I’m her lucky charm. The name “Stephen Fleming” I got from two crazy Aussie hitchhikers. They did a crazy dance on the roadside to hitch a ride. My boss is still in contact with them to this day.

These Aussies are cricket fans and gave me the name of the Captain of the New Zealand National cricket team, known as the Black Caps.

My other boss, (the husband of my number one boss) is a real Kiwi; a typical hobbit so to say, except that he doesn’t have such hairy feet. Here you see him in front of the Pub in Hobbiton (Matamata).

I will accompany my boss and the Kiwi in their new life. I’ll join them in their new life in New Zealand.